The New Wedgetail 5 inch Mullet swims, kicks, and looks just like a natural finger mullet.  Every
shallow water angler knows that big Trout eat mullet.  Any lure can catch “schooling” fish, but it
takes a great bait to lure in a “Gator Trout”.   The Wedgetail Mullet also looks like a small sand
trout... Another big time bait for huge Trout.

The New Wedgetail Mullet is great for both Trout and Reds
04 White Diamond / Chart
05 Smoke Diamond / Chart
06 Green Diamond / Chart
07 Chartreuse Diamond / Black Back
11 Purple Diamond / Chartreuse Belly
14 Pink Diamond / Chartreuse Belly
20 Lime Aid
21 Pink Passion
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22 Glow Chartreuse Tail
30 Black Chartreuse Tail
45 Purple Chartreuse Tail
131 Cajun Pepper
Rig with 1/4 or 1/8 oz Egret Jig
Rig with 6.0 SwimMax Hook
Now available in 3.5 inch size!
Fish weightless with a swimbait hook (6/0 or
7/0) for best results.  The “slow sink” kicking
action will hammer Trout or Reds.  You can
also rig it with a jig head 1/4 or 1/8 oz.  Make
sure the jig has a wide gap sharp hook.
109 Chartreuse Pepper
116 Gold Digger
129 Red Shad
168 Limetreuse Glow