21 Glow / Chartruese
30 Black / Chartruese
45 Purple / Chartreuse
51 Opening Night / Chartreuse
116 Rootbeer
131 Cajun Pepper / Chartreuse
132 Chicken on a Chain
133 Copperhead / Chartreuse
134 Orange Crush Glow
135 Lime-aid Glow
136 Pink Passion Glow
137 Texas Roach
162 Red Punch / White
165 Avacado Red / Chartreuse
163 Avacado Red / Red
273 Texas Chicken
732 Firetiger
209 Avacado Red
The Bayou Chub is great for fishing bays, bayous, and surf.  It's famous for it's tight "tail kick" that gives it a natural swimming action.  We
built the body with a real thin taper towards the tail.  This gives the Bayou Chub it's unique tight vibration.  For best results we recommend
our new
Egret Jig head.  Our jig heads shaped to move water straight to the tail of any kicking lure. Most common size is 1/4, but the 1/8 oz
works great in shallow water.
Bayou Chub order code: RBC35-color#
124 White / Red
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