Egret Jig Heads are built like no other.  We use premium Mustad Ultra Point hooks coated with Black Nichol that are
saltwater resistant.  We also use a wide gap for a better hook set.   We shape our heads so the water can flow around
the head and let the lure do the work.  Ball head jigs don't allow flow and push water in front of the lure.  They "steal" the
action of any well designed lure.

Sizes:   1/8   1/4   1/2 oz              
Order Code: E-JH-size
The Egret Bayou Spin is absolutely the best weapon you can use on Redfish in the
marsh.  Perfect for shallow water where those big reds love to push mullet and shrimp
out of grass lines.  Just rig the Bayou Chub color you want onto the Spin and chunk &
wind.  We use tough high grade stainless and brass thumper style blades to give it great
vibration.  We twist the wire so it will be more weedless. Every little detail on this bait is
smart and effective.

Sizes:  1/8   1/4   1/2 oz                           
Order Code: E-BS-size
The New Ultra Light series is for fishing very shallow water of lower Texas.  We use
a thinner wire  for reducing weight.  The shape of the head makes this jig more
Sizes:   1/8        Order Code: E-JHU-size
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The New Beer Belly Jigs from Egret have the weight of the jig where it counts... In the belly of the jig.  
This allows the jig to slide & glide over shell, oysters, and structure.  They belly is shaped to "lift" the jig
while swimming plastics.  Also great for fishing "shaky style".  The jig when fished on the bottom will
stand upright.  Available in 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 oz.
E-BBJ-01 Clear
E-BBJ-02 White
E-BBJ-03 Chartreuse